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The African traditional massage is part of African traditional medicine system and body forming culture. This massage is a real art of healing at the same time figure forming and body sculpting process. According to historical date the African massage came from bêtè culture middle of Ivory Coast forest about 2600 years ago. The African massage was used in bêtè culture by Peggy to heal and sculpting the body of people. Today this traditional massage is used by the majority of bête people to heal, prevent many deceases and sculpting the body. The African massage technique consists of acupressure and work with body energy lines, which according to special method of pressuring certain points on the energy lines to remove accumulates blocks and cellulite. This massage give opportunity to your body to be sculpting nice forming, eliminate toxins,normalize blood and lymph circulation. To reach that effect, the massage specialist uses his palms, fingers and foot. The African traditional massage is used to sculpted the body,increase the flexibility of joints Eliminate problems with digestion,stress,insomnia,nervous system,cleanse the organism, stimulate the work of all internal organs. For the effect of massage full and see capacity is necessary to have few procedures but depending on individual problems. During the African traditional massage the recipient is dressed in sport clothes and the massage is performed on a special massage floor by real specialist from bête people.

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